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OSK Wire Belt - 100


This stainless steel conveyor belt is mostly used in the food industry but is also useful for other industries. Coating, baking and only carrying are the main processes for this belt. For example, the most common process is the chocolate coating of cakes, wafers or dragee etc and also similar processes because of the wide gap between wires. The surface is straight enough to carry goods inflexibly. 

AISI 302 – 304 – 316 ve piano wire
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Product Sizes
Min 4.00 mm
Max 25.00 mm
Edge Pitch
Min 4.00 mm
Slide Pitch
Min 20.00 mm
Belt Width
Min 100 mm
Max 4000 mm
Total Width
Min 100 mm
Max 4000 mm
Wire Diameter
Min 0.80 mm
Max 3.00 mm
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